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One to One Marked Cards

One to one marked cards is customized product. It is only suitable for your own poker reader such as invisible ink contact lenses, poker scanning system.
As everyone knows, there are many kinds of marked cards in the market. Poker cheating cards is popular among poker lovers and magicians throughout the world. With the help of the poker reader, you can see through the marked cards. However, if everybody has the poker reader device, how can you cheat in a poker game? If there is safer marked cards exist? Yes, there is a new kind of one to one marked cards may amaze you. It is the same as the normal one, the invisible ink of one to one marked cards cannot be read by the naked eyes. The marked cards is applied to different kinds of game such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, SEKA game.
Good quality playing cards help you perform better in a game. There are many famous brands of playing cards such as Modiano, Fournier, COPAG can be made into one to one marked cards. You need the customized eye lens, poker scanner, or infrared camera system to see the invisible juice or the barcode ink. Other people also have cheating lens but he cannot see the juice because the marked cards is only for the right poker reader. If you have a deck of one to one marked cards, you need to use the one to one contact lenses to see through the marking. At the same time, If you have one to one barcode deck, your marked cards is only suitable for the right poker scanner. For the infrared marking deck, you should find the matched infrared camera equipment. If somebody want to reveal that you are cheating in a poker game, you will not afraid of being caught. He has no evidence to prove that.
One to one marked cards will be your own and perfect partner in a poker game. Your marked cards only works for you!

One to one marked cards

one to one marked cards

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Infrared marked cards

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