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One to One Contact Lenses

One to One Contact Lenses

One to one contact lenses will be your own spy eyes when you play poker game. It can help you see through the invisible ink marked playing cards.

The Advantages of One to One Contact Lenses

The invisible ink can't be read with the naked eyes, you need some devices to assist you. Contact lenses for seeing the mark is one of the poker readers. It is widely used in poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Baccarat. There are many sizes and colors of one to one contact lenses for your options. You can wear the lens easily and will not discovered by others. It brings more convenient to you. It won't fog up in cold weather and it gives you a wider field of view. Poker lovers and magicians use them a lot. However, if your friends also have the same pair of contact lenses, he can see the luminous mark of the deck, you can't win anything in a game or perform well. Thanks to advanced technology and our professional technicians, we have developed new kind of contact lenses which is customized for the unique marked deck.
One to one contact lenses is only applied to one to one marked cards. Both are indispensable. It have the same function of the normal one. Besides, it can't be used to read the bar code deck. If you want to see normal marked cards with the inclusive contact lenses, you see nothing on the back. However, With the help of one to one contact lenses, you can see the luminous ink of the one to one marked cards as well as see through the invisible numbers and suits. It with best juiced cards cannot be detected by UV light and IR camera which is different with our normal or all-power lens. With this contact lenses, only you can see the marks on the tricks luminous cards. Other people even with the normal special lens or sunglasses cannot see the juiced deck.
Wearing a pair of one to one contact lenses, you will not be scared of being detected by others when someone cheating in the poker. It will be your loyal poker reader to help you succeed.

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