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Fashionable Luminous Sunglasses

luminous reader sunglasses

Make you cool in poker games

Are you still be tormented with the old-fashion sunglasses? Do you want to get the sunglasses that make you special? How to make yourself seem more cool when you play the Texas Holdem or Omaha poker game? If you heard poker trick device likes the luminous sunglasses to see the marked juice cards before, you should know the most easy way is using the sunglasses to check if there is any marks on the playing cards. It is not just a pair of glasses, but also a pair which can see the marks on the playing cards clearly and make you become the winner of the poker game. As it is easy to manipulate by your own, you are deserve to have one.

What's ultra luminous sunglasses?

With the good-looking and cool appearance of this marked cards sunglasses, you can wear it hang outside for a long time and you also can wear it to see the luminous ink juice marked cards. Only you wear this luminous reader sunglasses, you read the invisible ink marks on back of marked playing cards clearly and quickly. Invisible markings on both plastic and paper cards can be read once wearing the magic sunglasses. luminous sunglasses with cheat poker can be used in Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack game.
The ultra luminous sunglasses is one of the most popular poker cheating card reader among professional poker players and excellent magicians. There is no difference in appearance between the luminous glasses and sunglasses. Our luminous sunglasses looks like the normal sunglasses, so you do not need to worry the outlook is strange from normal one. This untold poker secret will be detected by others. Besides,this ultra luminous sunglasses should work together with luminous ink daub marked cards. The best luminous sunglasses poker can help you read the invisible ink IR on back of marked cards easily and conveniently.The color of surrounding environment is in red after wearing Luminous glasses. After players wear this good quality glasses, the UV marks can be read under various light.

Luminous glasses features:

1.Function: Reading the mark on the back of the cards
2.Style: Oval , fashionable
3.Frame material: Plastic or aluminous frame in golden color
4.Lenses material: Plastic, Resin
5.Case type: Hard
6.Size: The same size with the normal eye glasses
7.Glasses degree: Zero degree
8.Color: red, purple, pink, blue, grey,gold,silver

Good for health

Luminous sunglasses is more convenient than invisible ink contact lenses. You can take it off anytime. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the need to touch your eyes. If you have dry or sensitive eyes,sunglasses won\`t exacerbate the problem like contact lenses can. Sunglasses generally are cheaper than contact lenses over the long term so you can save a lot of money. Our sunglasses give you full protection for your eyes and make you cool in the poker game.

Latest multi functional sunglasses

As you know, many people use sunglasses to playing the game as it is very simple to manipulate. Due to the technology limitation, the sunglasses can only be made based on some normal style. It seems awkward to find lots of people wear the same glasses to play game. Suppose you heard a lots about the infrared luminous sunglasses, but where to choose the clearest one to see the marked luminous cards? Buymarkedcards.com brings you a good news for now. There are different luminous sunglasses for your choice. Our company improved the technology and made several kinds of sunglasses in fashion style. At the same time, you can also send us your own frame, we can process the glasses into special function for you.

Luminous sunglasses is useful in winning the poker games as well as make you cool.Find more latest luminous transmittance sunglasses for sale from here.

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