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iPhone 6 Poker Analayzer

iPhone 6 poker analyzer

There are many phone poker trick device. iPhone 6 poker analyzer is belongs to this collection. The basic function is to calculate the winner of the poker game.
As it is still new technical to the public, people would ask does the iPhone 6 analyzer really works? and how does it works? To prove the iPhone cards analyzer function, we have to know why this item be created? Who will use of it?
Normally the owner of the poker room or the magician use this phone analyzer trick device. It be used to detect any marked cards be bring into the poker room. Or the magician use it to perform the magic show.
To learn the history of the poker trick device, we need to back to the decades ago. When the iPhone 6 scanning analyzer has not coming into human's mind yet, the magician has been training to use the infrared contact lens to read the invisible marks which be written by the juice ink pen marker. This is kind of the way to win the poker game. The important thing is that you have to remember each cards in each player hands. That would occupy much of your memory. It prolong the reaction of deciding to quit or stay in the poker game.

Some technician was trying to code a better device which is more efficiency than the special lens to see through the marked cards? That was the beginning of the poker analyzer device. For the technical obstacle, the first generation analyzer phone was designed to two separated parts. The device even cannot make the phone call and send SMS message. It is just like a phone toy mode. The setting for the game program is much complicated , so does the operation.
People never stop to find the better way. After several times improvements, the speed of the poker scanning analyzer is enhanced. At final iPhone 6 poker analyzer solve many problems in perfect way compare to the old version analyzer phone

The Pros of iPhone 6 Poker Analyzer

1. Based on iPhone 6 smart phone

It can make the phone call, send SMS message, and surfing online, it is just like the normal smart phone. It is very convenient for the poker player or the magician to use, and  do not need to take a extra dump smart phone for the normal phone usage function in another pocket. Thanks to the iPhone's big name which is notable all over the world, the quality of the iPhone make it far way from the imaging of poker analyzer. Even if other people want to check the cell phone, the real phone function make the people barely think it actually a poker trick device. What a wonderful design!

2. Inserted game program

It is the same as a normal software application with a password. It is just like the bank account. No one would ask other people's bank account for accessing the application. it keeps the privacy for the owner of the iPhone analyzer. Operating and setting for the program is very simple. The seller will provide the video instruction and make sure each owner to master of the usage of analyzer.

3. Matched remote for player numbers controlling

It is a marvelous design for the poker player and magician. Make sure the remote mode in the iPhone 6 analyzer before the game or the show. The remote can hide inside pocket to process the increasing and reducing the player numbers when someone come into or quit the game in sudden. Like watching TV, with remote in hand, you can change it at any time you wish. Concealing is safety in the poker game for players, Concealing is high quality magic show for the magician.

4. Built-in scanning camera

The mini high sensor camera is hidden in perfect way, so that naked eyes cannot recognize it from the surface of the iPhone. The angle and distance of the scanning camera was programmed elaborately. It makes the camera can scan the barcode deck on the designed scanning range. The perfect software coding make the scanning camera never miss a shot.

5. Conveniency wireless connection

The analyzer device can connect with the external poker scanning camera wirelessly. It save lots of trouble for the cable hidden. It is very convenient to carry even you have different clubs to go. It can also matched with the spy earpiece by the Bluetooth, which makes the winner result transmit in privacy way.

The Cons of iPhone 6 Poker Analyzer

1. Cannot change the battery as the old version analyzer.

Our technician still dedicated to improve this point according to the updated battery technical. For now we suggested to use the movable power bank to charge it during the game.

2. Price is not cheap kind.

Each product has a relative price. It makes the economy market diversity.Especially in China, we can buy a cell phone with 20usd, but another with 2000USD. What makes the price violently different? We do know the reason. It is because the quality and function is not the same level. The price consists of specialty analyzer software cost, the research and development cost and reasonable benefit, which attracts high quality demander only.

Gambling accessories have many types according to the new high technical blooming. Contact lenses to read the marked playing cards still own many funs. The IR marked cards to be detected by the infrared camera is fond by poker room owner. The last but not least, we should say the newest poker analyzer system, which has the comparative price with stable function, makes the most people all over the world can/`t put it down when using it. The good comments and feedback like the snowflakes come down to us.
If you have further questions on the iPhone 6 poker analyzer, please feel free to contact our sales representative at Whatsapp:+86 150 1897 2989.

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