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Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared Contact Lenses

The advanced IR contact lenses with best quality are produced by Golden Sunshine Entertainment Products Limited. Golden Sunshine has the most advanced laser staining system and will supply the most suitable IR products for you.
IR contact lenses have the special function of reading the marks on the back of playing cards. No matter what lights ( red, yellow, white) you are in, you can see the marks of IR cards clearly after wearing our contact lenses. UV lenses cannot detect these marks, because IR and UV lenses are processed in different way.
How can you recognize the good quality marked playing cards and infrared lens from bad quality? It is very easy, when wear the good IR lenses, you can see the marks on the back of the poker deck very clearly.Card cheating contact lenses is one of the poker readers which helps you see through the back marked cards. It will be your spy eyes in different kinds of games.

There are many colors and sizes for your reference. We offer 4-9 mm lens to suit different people from different countries. Suppose you want contacts with colors, we are capable of doing that.
Eye lens is your best choice
If you have back marked cards, the marking is invisible and luminous that you can't see it with the naked eyes. You must get help from the poker readers. Card cheating contact lenses will be your perfect choice. Wearing a pair of eye lens, you don't need to worry about being caught by others. Contacts is convenient for us. It won't fog up in the cold weather. It gives you wider vision. It has no frame to obstruct you. It is very difficult to be detected when you cheat.
Poker lovers use it to cheat in all games such as Texas Hold'em, OMAHA games or Baccarat. They use marked cards and wear a pair of eye lens which can see the invisible ink. They can see their friends' cards from far distance and know clearly what's the strategy of their friends. They will play according to the tactics and win the game easily. It will be your spy eyes in the games. As for the magicians, they often use marked cards to play magic show or magic trick, contacts is necessary to them and the audiences can't discovered easily.
Good quality, Cheap price
China has the largest population in the world. The labor in China is cheaper than many other countries. Our country have attached importance to the quality these years. The products which made in China are increasingly better than before. Made-in-China products have exported to all over the world and well appreciated by people. The price of various products is cheaper than you buy on the internet such as Amazon, EBay. The quality of our contact lenses is guaranteed. It has no damage to your eyes. We are professional card cheating contact lenses manufacturer for many years. We have won high admiration from customer throughout the world such as American, Brazil, Italy, Spain. We offer the best quality and cheap contacts for you.

  • User: Eric Tatum
    Time: 2020-04-03 01:28:15
  • Content: How fast can you send out the red jumbo bicycle cards I have the contacts I just need a couple decks but I need them ASAP I will pay more
  • Admin_reply: Hello, dear friend. Glad have your inquiry here, and the message is already sent by WhatsApp, please check it and feel free to contact me. Best Regards

  • User: Karma
    Time: 2020-01-30 22:27:53
  • Content: Please tell me price and order systems
  • Admin_reply: hello, dear friend.Nice to have your inquiry here. The message is sent by WhatsApp, please check it and welcome to contact me. Best Regards

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