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How to make your dream come true     2016-07-21

He spent plenty of time to practice the poker skills and learn about the poker device, like how to wear the one to one contact lenses 

Success can be copied     2016-07-20

In the poker game, many players use far infrared poker camera to read the infrared marked cards. 

You will happy when you win in poker game     2016-07-20

the infrared contact lenses, after you wearing it, you can see the luminous marks on the back of the playing cards.  

What is the truth from the story     2016-07-20

they hide some poker analyzer inside the pocket, and use the lighter camear on the table to scan the poker cards 

Paper cut artcraft is the same as the magic performance     2016-07-20

Cause this wallet tool to exchange the cards is very simple, not like the lens cards need to wear the contact lenses 

A wonderful trip in orient     2016-07-20

there are players use the poker cheat machine in the casino, like the iPhone 6 poker scanning camera 

You never know what will happen in the next few years     2016-07-20

He bought a magic kit including poker analyzer, barcode deck, then he can show others he has the power to see though the poker 

How to find the point of the event     2016-07-20

If you use the poker lens to read the marked deck cards in other players hand in the bajara poker game 

What would you do when you face the crossroad in your life?     2016-07-19

here are some helpful poker accessories for you. Such as the invisible ink lense, its will help you see the marks on the all brands of playing cards.  

What in the end you will do     2016-07-19

like the the wallet exchanger poker cheat device which can exchange the normal playing cards in the poker game 

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  • User: Luis
    Time: 2018-11-12 10:48:19
  • Content: how much is the luminous marked cards with contact lenses?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for your inquiry of luminous marked cards and contact lenses, we have sent your an email, please check and reply.

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    Time: 2018-10-09 09:56:15
  • Content: 3146058405 Looking to buy
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  • User: Gr
    Time: 2018-09-30 08:07:42
  • Content: How is the poker scanner?
  • Admin_reply: could you please advise your email or whatsapp account for discussing the details of the poker scanner.

  • User: Mi1
    Time: 2018-09-03 09:33:10
  • Content: i need a price of copag 1546 marked cards
  • Admin_reply: Got the copag 1546 marked cards inquiry with thanks, we have sent you the email with reply.

  • User: Mi
    Time: 2018-08-08 18:08:20
  • Content: i need a price of marked cards and contact lenses
  • Admin_reply: Thanks for the inquiry. the marked cards and contact lenses price and picture has been sent to your email.

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