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Excellent iPhone6 phone camera for all generations of poker analyzer     2016-09-01

Now we have iPhone6 phone camera, although it is a true mobile phone like iphone6, but it has all the functions of iPhone6.  

Single operation wallet lens seeing the edge bar code marked cards     2016-09-01

Wallets lens is a new single person operation lens seeing edge bar code marked cards, seeing poker edge distance has been greatly improved. 

Perfect invisible ink to make the perfect marked cards poker     2016-08-31

No one can copy our perfect invisible ink to produce the marked playing deck. Maybe some of them can produce it, but the quality of the marks is lower than us. 

Multiple uses invisibility potion pen     2016-08-30

In poker, there is a kind of cheat playing cards, processed with invisible potion ink. 

Compound of the Texas Holdem point system and the Surveillance cameras marking cards system     2016-08-30

If you are familar with the poker scanning system like the texas holdem point system, you should know even there are many types of the card scanner machine to coperate with the poker phone analyzer 

Blackjack shoe with cheating camera for sides marked barcode playing cards in Baccarat     2016-08-30

When it is dealing, the monitor will show you the barcode of these playing cards, and you will know what points of it by the length of the barcode. 

The advantages of infrared playing cards     2016-08-30

Infrared poker cards is manufactured on the basis of the regular poker, it will not affected by any strong electromagnetic wave. 

Shirt cuff lens for single operation analyzer     2016-08-29

Shirt cuff lens is designed for specific single operation analyzer with high clandestine.  

Five in one scanning system for marked playing decks     2016-08-29

With this five in one scanning system, you no need to take the scanning camera for the barcode marked playing cards, because this function has set into the host machine for poker winner system. 

câmera da chave do carro da exploração     2016-08-26

E nosso câmera da chave do carro da exploração pode digitalizar os cartões processados, e transmitir o sinal para o seu fone de ouvido. 

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  • User: zorlu menderes
    Time: 2018-12-17 04:10:58
  • Content: I have a casino at cyprus and I am looking for a device that anybody use a barcode cheating playing cards in my casino. I suspect one of my dealer. Can I know that is he cheating me? And if you have a barcode finder device, how much is it?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for yourinquiry of barcode finder device, we have sent you an email for the reply. have a good day!

  • User: car
    Time: 2018-11-22 17:48:41
  • Content: how much is the texas holdem computer system?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for your inquiry of texas holdem computer sytsem, we have sent your an email, please check and reply.

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