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Short-Sleeve Shirts Barcode Marked Cards Scanning Camera

Summer is coming, and many people will wear the short-sleeve shirts due to the hot weather, have you ever knew that the short-sleeve shirts can help you to read the barcode marked deck cards in poker games?
Our skillful technicians can insert a mini scanning camera lens inside the short-sleeve shirts button with high privacy, this is a HD scanning camera lens and it can read the marks on the sides of edged marked cards effectively even you in a dark room. When before the poker games, you can turn on the power and let it face toward to the barcode marked decks, once the cards are into its scanning range, it will scan the immediately and pass the barcode signal to poker hand analyzer to calculate, quickly, you can get the result via a mini Bluetooth earpiece.
What is more, if it is not allowed to place any article on the table, maybe it is a disaster for some poker scanners, but it won’t make any difference for short-sleeve shirts poker card reader. When the power of short-sleeve shirts poker spy cards reader is running out, you can charge for it and work continually with another full charged battery.