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You never know what will happen in the next few years

I had a boyfriend, we know each other since 2 years ago, he took me back to his home to meet the parents, probably around March this year, the beginning know he had a sister, but his sister has been married in another city, that his parents were also good, and now gonna get married, have seen his sister, I think my husband to be does not like, and very strong way, but I really like my boyfriend did not want to break up, and i wanne marry with him.


Let us talk about the two sides of the family. My father is in the public institutions work, but it is kind of the bottom clerk, my mother is a housewife I never went to work before. I have three children at home, my sister is three years older than me, marry and have children already, and now also my dad that institution when clerk. I am 25 years old, before a property company receptionist, now resigned currently does not work.
My brother was in college. He is very fond of playing poker games. And he also like magic show, one day, he told me that he bought a magic kit including poker analyzer, barcode deck, then he can show others he has the power to see though the poker, and know each cards from top to bottom. he spend lots of money on the poker scanning system, he believe sooner or later, he will get more money back.
My family is very general economy, the house has been demolished, and the surrounding people have moved only a few families, my parents wanted to householders for a set of junior room with my brother after the wedding, it has not been signed to take the money , relocation is not much money, my house 60 square meters, only make up 100,000, the average price of our city house 10000 Two Three way, no way enough.
My boyfriend is better family home, parents are doing business, my future mother opened Early Learning Center, the future father construction materials factory, my boyfriend work in his father's factory, as well as a sister, but not in the local in the field has been married to have a baby, his sister is very beautiful, much prettier than me, than I was five years old but looks younger than me, anyway, my height 163 weight 90 pounds, but looks fat, his sister height and weight about 165 look almost ninety three, but the skeleton so small, she is also very good. His brother is the world's five hundred executives, my sister is also working at the hospital, a doctor, revenue just fine.
The two sides of his family, my family is without a car, I opened the Volvo boyfriend, his sister came back here are open one million vehicles Toyota nanny bike looks very expensive, his father and mother to drive a BMW. At first my parents and my sister are happy for me, he did not say in the local large Guzi married, everything is fine.