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Why poor vision is extremely limited

 Do not care about how others see you behind you, because these words can not change the facts, but it might disturb your heart. If heart chaos, everything mess.


Who understands you do not need to explain; do not understand you, you do not deserve explanation. Please believe, and truly understand your people, not because some of those, but not deny you.

After more unemployed people, particularly those Yiwusuochang, the pipeline will make people less income. When the robot to be mass-produced, N is no more gold when the slightest buddy unemployment. What college graduation calculation, What count more than ten years? Not devote true, as unemployment, as no food.
Some people say that with economic development, there will be many new jobs, such as robot repair, robot private customization. The key question is: just a lot of unemployed people, are they not master this new skill. Ah, must advance with the times, always have pressure, we will have the power! Man must have money.
Lack of money, there is no basis for the cause of lack of money will not get a good education, lack of money will affect their state of mind and vision, affect their interaction with others in the way, and even affect the person's entire future. Why poor vision is extremely limited?
When you lack of money, some people will think to buy the lottery or gambling, in some countries, gambling is illegal, but people still try to use the club to cover it, and also import some poker cheating table and infrared camera things, those can scan the invisible ink cards, and win the money from the poker game.