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May is a beatifull girl, I grew deadline to present even seen the most beautiful girl. She remote west to a small place, where the landlord came to the capital city, Gululu turn and clear big eyes, full of curiosity and fresh undercurrents of desire. "The brightest star in the night sky," how to sing the lyrics: ...... do not forget your eyes. Every time I hear this song, I think of all her eyes. The city was getting dark cloudy day, she stands at a crossroads, looking back at me, clear eyes are the city's only spiritual things bleak lifeless, it seems you can always get out of tears.

That year, Mei is one of many big cities to find work young labor. Relatives she slept on the sofa, and short-rent roommate points off a bed, because it is too eye-catching, go where there are colored men rub up the pursuit, and later stumbled going around in circles to find a rented house found me here.
Do not say man, that year, she was standing in my room when I was not a little bit defensive, heart almost jumped out from the mouth, special What Is God's gift so generous Yan Fu I do? ?
Conniving heart the great tide, but I am very calm and simple introduction house cases, she cheerful little heartless, of course, do not know what just this gentle sister looked humble thought, plus I was rented house is also good, in short, Roommate hit it off. Of course, the promise so soon have my selfish elements.
In this big city finally came to the foot, Mei began the difficult process of looking for work, she is actually very hardworking, very hot day to interview far away, do not complain one. The right opportunity is always a handful. Despise or too low, or the opportunity to get her academic qualifications can not, either too passionate man leading the interview, but she insisted on not compromise. No income, daily buses, eat the cheapest Spicy, counting down to spend the money at home to rest. Everything I see in the eyes, really do not understand, Mei obviously you can easily find a boyfriend to rely on it, so how would own too hard to force?
But she said do you think that i should work in a casino, and shake the dice, and meet a guy who has talent in poker game, but acctually hide some deception deck bicycle marked cards deck inside his pocket, i fall in love with him, and after one month later, he be caught by police or punch by the casino security.

  • User: zorlu menderes
    Time: 2018-12-17 04:10:58
  • Content: I have a casino at cyprus and I am looking for a device that anybody use a barcode cheating playing cards in my casino. I suspect one of my dealer. Can I know that is he cheating me? And if you have a barcode finder device, how much is it?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for yourinquiry of barcode finder device, we have sent you an email for the reply. have a good day!

  • User: car
    Time: 2018-11-22 17:48:41
  • Content: how much is the texas holdem computer system?
  • Admin_reply: thanks for your inquiry of texas holdem computer sytsem, we have sent your an email, please check and reply.

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