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The residents of the nursing home community is very welcome

In Northern Europe, the residents of the nursing home community is very welcome, because the nursing home will provide a lot of community service. Reykjavik, Iceland Salton nursing home Zhansiduote tell us, is very fond of nursing home residents in the vicinity, often come here to buy milk, such as hairdressing. We have seen two old steam baking oil is being done in a nursing home in the barber shop floor, stylish interior layout of the degree is not inferior to the salon young love.

In Copenhagen, there are many elderly people will come to the nursing home community supermarket shopping, because of its inexpensive. Surrounding residents can go to the nursing home for dinner, the restaurant external services. Finnish nursing home has a very distinctive place, which consists of a Russian charity fund for living in Finland but Russian-speaking elderly services, the elderly, although they live in Finland, but not the local Finnish. The nursing home back to the people around provides opportunities for cultural exchange and language learning.