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What poker scanner is incredibly easy to use

A few months ago, I was seriously desperately on my poker skills, cause i have lose near my whole life. I was worked so hardly and saved 10grand for buy a new house for my parents, as for the money is not enough.


So my friend asked if i have the interest to win more money by the poker game, they i can get enough money with one night, and buy a big house for my parent.


considerate each aspect a lot, i was trying to say no to my friend.


But my friend seduce me that they have a good poker scanning system which can let me know the winner of the poker game directly. and he also show me how the poker system works, and trying to ask me as his patner to win the money toghter.



As this is poker cheat in the gambling, i was thinking it is illegal, but the evil side of my heart told me that may worth a try. So i have ask him what is the best poker scanning camera, and try to use each device my own.