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What is the unforgettable memory

 When we enter the same batch of the newspaper, and seen the brutal six into two-out, a bedroom to sleep at night, who get up early to help each other secretly cheat sign with each other blush, eat each other chestnuts, changing clothes will Yiyanbuge greater than anyone else's chest.

A year later I decided to resign north, pulling suitcase standing before the door of the newspaper with my colleagues one by one unless her children in front of everyone, kick after pulling my arm, crying like a child, like "ow" called and asked me why so cruel to leave her.
My heart was sad death, that this life may never have really treated me like this, I rely on all sorts of girlfriends and I like to coax his wife as a straight face told her, after I'm gone, will give her every day make a phone call, and some will see her, good ah, do not be sad.
The first month, as a death-defying North drift dog shopping, I busy every night no matter how late should give her a call and talk about trivial gossip, she always said our memories on the phone, sometimes we want to get even cry, then, slowly, laughing with each other we can say good night.
Times went by, friendship went by, how we recall the old memory, we still unable to seat togehter to watch a poker match anymore, i remember when James won the prize, she was so happy, cause she company James to practise the iPhone 6 poker scanner, she tried to hold the poker analyzer for him, then he had the chance to go to the final championship. That is unforgettable memory of her.
The first month, I work late one day, did not wash off clothes I slept a wink later, the next day I get up quickly called her to explain, she was on the phone a moment, he said: " I had a go, you startled me, that a big thing of it, as to what you call me so early in the morning. "
After six years, we have each other's micro-channel, but now we do not even like the turn points are not really, we kept each other's phone, but never dared to play, as it has been completely uncertain whether it can play through.