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What is the truth from the story

These fatalities occurred in Bru tourists almost all mainland tourists, mainland tourists overseas travel stories are significant casualties in Bru, the mainland has become Bru's tourism people most at risk and most unsafe place. The number of mainland tourists to visit Thailand more than the number of Bru, the accident rate and death rate of only one per cent of Bru's tourism, this phenomenon is incredible.


Brunese have taken place heavy objects collected from the high-rise fall, just hit mainland tourists coach accident caused three deaths mainland tourists, the matter finally nothing. Many accidents are unprecedented, but why have occurred in mainland tourists who, speaking from the probability theory is not logical.
The 24 people were killed, the National Tourism Administration must come forward to give people an explanation! A tiny island of Taiwan tourist mortality was actually 200 times more outbound mortality, such a high mortality rate warning not, why not?
The accident investigation in the absence of clear, fully processed before the end, full suspension travel documents issued by Bru.
That there is a rumors, say the people were inside a underground club for gambling, and some people use the poker cheat device, they hide some poker analyzer inside the pocket, and use the lighter camera on the table to scan the poker cards, the one lose much money was angry, after they leave the club, he set up and kill all the people. Maybe this story just make up to scare the child.