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What is the features of the downturn economic

The economic downturn, I feel relationships have deteriorated, and even more tired than before. Economic upswing, a passion, eat sea Hu drinking, bragging turned the sea, buddy brother. Economic downturn, among friends, among relatives, have become cold, if economic, relations worse.


Go out to borrow money, borrow other people's money, do not lend money, and given no money, no matter how much iron in the past, before money, what their true form, what buddies, what blood is thicker than blood relatives, everything is false , they are virtual.

Industry is now dry, they are beginning to play virtual, and everyone living on the various forms of mahjong live. They also trying to get money by playing cards, like play mahjong game, they use the invisible ink to make mark on the mahjong or on the back of the playing deck, and wear the invisble contact lenses, but other people don't know, it is quit called cheating poker, but that is the real life.


Fully understood, had often walk between relatives, the most recent year began to move decreases, even between siblings also contact a few months. Mom and uncle to completely sever ties, and then my husband and I are no longer alone in the big cities at a new friend. Anxiety than money, more of a solitary life,