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What is the connection with the Paper and poker

Yesterday, see the "Gan Yang was the school bell peppers slapped" message in the circle of friends, I could not help laughing. This is not just because a green pepper to the academic system a few ears overbearing president and corruption, but also because these pumping slap in the face of the insolence of Gan Yang too appropriate.

Today's news that young teachers beating Li Si career was delayed because the long-term promotion, Gan Yang "endless things difficult when the majority of teachers in the teaching hospital and teacher engagement examination." For his shot Jan. 7, and Li Si career with a "toast" to describe the mood, he believes that "for many years to let repressed emotions startled people."
In contemporary Chinese university system, the president holds the vast majority of academic resources, a young teacher'm risking self-destruction risk of future academic dean of play, this is definitely the style of Dean Pa was pretty unbearable. Gan Yang This person, known to the overbearing, Zhou Guoping in his autobiography "Years and nature" in the Gan Yang recalled: "Gan Yang is a graduate of Beijing University, after graduating in 1985 assigned to the Academy of Social Sciences, with me, the more wins, Friends fishing in the same lab. at first he would come and consult us, to do the humanities books.
Sometimes they also research that why people like to play the cards game, they find some people will bring some poker card scanner on the poker table, and they also have the dealer for help, the dealer will put the barcode deck on the right place, then they can win money. But some people just do it for fun, if they win they will happy, if lose, they will feel ackward, and try to win next round.
Originally scattered people, Youyu, although it seems that the lack of ambition practical skills by encouraging him, are also pleased endorses he is really ambitious, a country sitting in circles to conquer the world during the preparatory posture remember one day sitting at home in Youyu, make the world hero Gan Yang planning a clean sweep, n-Lin heard outraged, demanded shrilly: 'do you really want to do? tyrants want to learn it? I'm sorry, I do not fight!' Yan Bi off in a huff, then really did not participate in the editorial board. "