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What in the end you will do

Micro-round officer was deleted, do not think about the appropriateness of self-expression, but once again resorted to "conspiracy theory" of the banner - "capital controls public opinion," which is silly sweet white rabbit performance, or deliberately play pig eat tiger strategy?


How round main official micro-po: Can you make sure that the article is not sensitive porcelain due? You do not know how sensitive porcelain is born? It is not connected to the national dysmenorrhea sensitive porcelain, a little touch can touch someone's pain, will inevitably lead to the focus of attention is drawn to the relevant departments, and as such, many domestic Internet media in order to avoid the trouble of frequent tea, only to capture these "violations" of information technology, once captured, the system automatically shelves. Of course, in order not to offend, such as their full user such airs, Internet media deliberately left out of the hole in the complaint - I like this and other common people, really have recourse to redress the complaint invalid.
Round main official micro-po is really so young, energetic, but also a good guide the country, inciting them to his little pink set of "imaginary enemy" who attack. Depth recommend official micro round, bullying in the network do not have a good "ground air" look, learn the rules of science network of public opinion, think more attention under their own words and deeds, so that people across the country in the face of frequently lost parts. After all, the rules of the network statement is Bing Chengguan home will, you do not comply with local administrative officials will it not contrary to it? Politics to say that you do not keep in step with the central Oh!
A closer look with round official micro phase echoes several microblogging Po owners, such as the National Culture and Ideology Research Center "thought Torch", in the end what kind of background? The investigation is unknown, although the name of the first hanging Academy of Social Sciences, but common sense, the empire that pull the banner of tiger pull units more to go, for example, a few years ago ignited the Confucius Peace Prize, Domestic News investigation Commission, it does not frighten naive small place or flickered eat melon masses know the truth, basically a man boast hang a sign, and then consider themselves leaders, to find a few partners are all deputies, do not be they fooled, all types of Carleton University.
Of course, after manufacturing momentum, may also be regarded as a division of the country, this is a precedent, such as flower 1000, long fish Hou, who has been inspired since childhood are pink. She  angered Communist Youth League Central, behind the power Who are they?" It is in this context also cooked up, and round Zongduo its official micro-micro Fenduo official reprinted! Consider also ban not endure Jun, again and again through the lower limit, which in the end you doing?
If so, the website company should also devolpe a code to move the sensitative words, like the the wallet exchanger poker cheat device which can exchange the normal playing cards in the poker game.
The problem is that the regular army and the motley crew united together, will be the official and civil Manhan combines gossip, this carnival is the "mediocre evil," but "banal evil" is precisely "Evil of Authority" open " Flowers of Evil. "