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What does the watch poker scanner can bring to you

As a man as like to wear the watch, a good watch show your identity. As a poker man, a good watch maybe your VIP cards to each poker club or poker casino.
A poker man should know about the infrared contact lenses with the invisible ink cards, cause if there is some player use those poker cheating device on the poker table, it will make you lose the game, so a poker man should learn the knowledge about the lens cards.
The fact is that the specail lens to read the marked cards is the basic device. Those are the tool for the magician who make shows. As a poker man want to win the poker game, you have to practise some small tricks, and you also need to prepare some kind of the specail device.
The good news is the specail device is daily wear or daily use, so the specail device looks normal actually. What would that be? Yes, the Watch can be done with it. The first thing is that you need to prepare a good watch that you would like to wear it. And the second is hand into the buymarkedcards, and let them to process the scanner inside and keep the watch basic function.
Just need within one week, they will give a magic device, the watch poker scanner, which can let you scan the barcode marked playing cards in the poker game, and you dont need to worry about the poker analyzer phone, cause you can just hide it into your pocket.
With this watch poker camera, you can have more confidence on the poker game. And makes you the most lucky man on the poker table.