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Wallet poker camera for scanning barcode marked cards

Now there are many poker cheating products for sale in the market, many poker players use marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses, but a few suppliers can offer good quality product like Golden Sunshine Ltd,. company.

Wallets are a common daily object in our life, but now we can make your wallet as a poker analyzer camera. No one will notice that there is a scanning camera inside, so it is very good at hidden the camera and it is very safe for you in the casino.

And the most important, wallet camera has a high quality and good effect. It can scan the barcode marked cards quickly. It can work well with poker analyzer, so you can know the ranking and suits of all players and the outcome very fast. At least, this wallet camera can help you prevent from losing too much money in the Unlimited Texas. If you know you are the winner, you can win more money.

Wallet camera is easy to use, even if you have never used it, as long as a little practice, you can handle it. And you can choose different distance according to your own request.