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Wallet Playing Cards Scanner Camera

Do you know that wallet also can be a secret poker scanner camera for scanning barcode marked decks? They can scan the invisible ink barcode image marked on the edges of marked poker cards and send them to poker analyzer for analyzing the poker game outcomes.
Wallet poker scanner has a high privacy to scan the barcode playing cards. No one can know the this normal wallet can be a secret poker camera to help poker players to scan the marked deck cards. There are many types of this fashion wallet poker scanners for your choice. To meet different users need, the scanning distance of this magic poker predictor scanner can be customized. What is more, this wallet playing cards scanner camera is very convenient to operate, only turn it one before the poker games and place it on the poker table, once the barcode marked poker cards are within it scanning range, it will scan them and transmit their data to poker analyzer device to analyze the result.
Due to the exquisite exterior design and the skillful procession, no one can find any problem.