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How to make your poker game friend

Question two: Why do I feel the friends are lesser when i getting older?

Our friendship is very simple at a young age, especially together chasing girls, fighting, and singing in field.
Young when we pursue are S-type (spirit spiritual), we are not very nice long (color value is low), we have M (physical materials) will first think of to get the school to go to share.
At that time, we are very happy, and so we grew up, began the pursuit of wealth, some people get money, they began to pursue beautiful appearance or elegance, the gap between the students more and more, had a good relationship because of the poor status of some of the farther and farther.
And after we enter the community to get to know new friends, colleagues or business field are friends.
These friends from the outset, there is no S-type communication, all communication is M type, of course, does not rule out there are like-minded business field, eventually become good friends.
Because everyone's life is no longer pure, then naturally it is difficult to place a simple friendship.
Our primary school curriculum, about what? Talking about the three-stop, six government, six House on behalf of three stops too is wealth, communication, personal ability, health., although very cliche, everyone needs.
Old man has been talking about, do not speak all day immortal, Buddha, we are still a person, the first person to do in this life, people are doing well, skip directly immortal anyway, I do not believe it. 
When you play poker, you may meet a friend who also play poker, you have the same habbit, he may show his favorable poker skill to you, you may show him video poker cheating devices as return, when you conminicate with him a lot, you two could be close friends on poker.