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Russian experts believe that, after a series of terrorist attacks in Europe will eventually usher in significant political change. "We recently observed trend - the euro began to strengthen the position of skepticism, the idea of ​​the EU countries and the extreme right nationalism began to rise - a trend that will continue to grow recently, began to force the extreme right in parliament Europe. rise - in France, the far-right national Front leader Le Pen's victory Marina is pushing this trend can not be excluded, had previously been regarded as marginalized political forces will be in a number of countries in the EU regime rise. "

"View of society will be further diversified. So far, according to the survey 50% to 60% of the German public still open for Merkel's refugee policy means 'we can!' And the current, this situation may be worsened." Waugh Luozuo Fu said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's opponents who ridicule refugees "Merkel toward her mother's arms."


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Today, they called her "mother of terrorism." "European immigration policy of the government of social revolt is on the rise in Europe's media will see more caricatures of the policy appears."