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Ultraviolet Invisible Ink Solution

Invisible ink is one of the main materials to marking playing cards, different invisible ink juice can make different effect on poker cards. The ultraviolet luminous invisible ink solution is one of the specialized inks in our company.
This special UV invisible ink is developed by our sophisticated technicians, the markings made by it can last more longer than the regular invisible ink recipe in the market. Besides, after marking it on the poker backs or others articles, people cannot read any clues by their naked eyes, even though they wearing the infrared sunglasses or IR luminous marked cards contact lenses, as long as put on our special ultra UV sunglasses or ultraviolet marked playing cards contact lenses that you can see the marks made by it in clear and secret.
The poker cards marked by our specialized luminous invisible ink solution can used in many kinds of poker games, such as Blackjack, 21 points, Omaha, Texas Holdem and so on. And if you want to mark something by yourself with this magic invisible ink, it is available too.