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TV infrared barcode scanner

The high-tech TV playing cards cheating device in china, with edge marked cards can help you get poker cheating techniques omaha flop odds at many poker games. The TV poker scanner is one kind of great powerful poker odds calculator pokerstars for poker analyzer cheat. If you are still looking for the poker scanner for bicycle ultimate marked deck in eye poker cheating center, please feel free to contact us for more information about those poker collusion techniques.
There are regular customers asked us how to cheat at poker with a partner. Here you can use our TV card player odds calculator to keep yourself from being cheated by others.
There is a concealable baccarat camera inside of TV, so that this camera lens capable of scanning edge sides marked deck of cards bicycle clearly and accurately. After this TV spy camera detect the rare decks of playing cards, it will transmit the poker starting hands odds to poker analyzer. And then you can hear the poker game result via cheap poker analyzer earpiece from your poker partner.
Know more details of our TV omaha hand strength calculator, please read the following paragraphs.
Poker camera lens: single lenses
Scanning distance: 30-60 cm
Color: Black
Size: Various size