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Poker is essentially just a way of spending the spare time

There will always be winners and losers in the ultimate poker games, but do not forget that poker is essentially just a way of spending the spare time. Let us enjoy the process but not only the result. The process is often more important than the result. Just enjoy the process of life. The road of life can have more pleasure, which is the greatest success itself.

And those who define success as more than others at the beginning will lose much joy. He is always thinking even digging traps for others to jump at every step during the whole process, in this way the life is much less refined, and he loses his original meaning of every event.

Life is like a poker game. We can understand a lot from the simple poker games. Let us treat our life the same as poker games. Then there will be more self-confident, more tolerance and more pleasure in the road of life. And the life will be more brilliant and more wonderful.