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Ways to see through playing cards

People want to see through the poker cards they are playing. In some extent, it means that they want to know the suits and the points of the playing cards in advance. There are many ways to see through playing cards, and here are several simple ways for you.

1. Using marked cards. Invisible ink is the main material to produce marked cards. And by changing the proportion of the invisible ink, you can get different kinds of luminous marked cards, such as IR marked cards and fluorescent marked cards.

2. Using luminous contact lenses and infrared camera. After you wear the marked cards contact lenses, you can see all the playing cards with your eyes. As for the infrared camera, you need a monitor to show you the image of the playing cards. And from the screen, you also can see all the playing cards. The difference between them is that marked cards contact lenses is single use and IR camera is needed to use with your friends.

3. Using scanning camera. Scanning camera is used with edge side barcode marked cards. And you even can get the final result of the poker game. In other words, with scanning camera, you can know the winner of the game in advance.

With these kinds of cards tricks devices, you may win the poker match like Qui Nguyen, the champion of WSOP this year.