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They have been explicitly promised to keep the appointment

Italian fanaticism, efficiency is not high, the organization is not strong, despite the rush, but still late. If people say sometimes when attending a formal dinner is always late, then Europe, "when most do not keep Prize" awarded to the Italian people will no doubt.

They will not only be late, make matters worse, sometimes simply do not keep the appointment. So, if you have an appointment with someone in Italy, your job is necessary before departure call to verify it, to see whether the meeting can be held on time carefully arranged. Sometimes, even if they have been explicitly promised to keep the appointment, you have to be prepared that they had unilaterally postponed the subscription period.

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Italian sociable, it will be very speculative talk with their innate enthusiasm will let you met earlier, but do not think they will regard you as a friend. Italian moody and temperamental. Particularly excited when they gestured, shoulders, arms and hands with the voices of the beat wave more than to see their point of view is simply a statement of viewing more enjoyable than watching the Americans shrug.

Of course, the best time in their good temper. If they get angry, they will be similar to madness. If you're going to see two Italians beat up, you do not worry, because they may be arguing about whose turn it to pay the costs of the taxi.