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It is important to insist on playing poker

An ant come under a stone, it began to climb up hurriedly. However, the stone was steep and smooth. The ant climbed up half and fell. It then climbed again, and fell again. The ant tried again and again and it climbed over the stone at last.

Another ant came to the stone. It stopped there and thought for a minute and then went by passes the stone. It then came to the destination easily.

The third small ant arrived. It watched the stone and turned round, and found a rich food source that it was looking for.

In fact, life is just like this. Sometimes you need to insist on more moments until you get the success.  The patience and perseverance are very important. Sometimes you need to adjust the direction in time. You must believe that all roads lead to Rome. Sometimes you need to make a wise choice, to keep going or just stop and turn round? You need to have the confidence that a magnificent turn may help to find another door to success.