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Would you like to be a poker marked cards?

 We must have the experience of playing poker. There are four decks per color, a total of 54. Pinch each card in our hands, their fate lies in the where, even the "king" could not determine its own destiny. Sometimes, I also think that we in this life, whether it is a hand?

Are each of us as fate in the hands of others poker review ten years of growth process, at home, to be regulated by their parents, sometimes harshly scold;? In school, to be bound by discipline, teacher discipline; grow up to work but also to limit the social environment by, but can not do by their own wishes you and I wanted to do.
Eleven or twelve, in childhood vision in which is a brilliant sunny season, however, when your own personal take on the train, they often feel involuntarily. Take for instance the examination, test well, and parents will take you when the baby, your hopes for greater! Morning milk, evening coffee, milk and coffee seems to be able to turn an ordinary person into irrigation personnel, even a worm can become a dragon or phoenix! often with a kind of pride of breath, his face will be thrown while happy smile when you mention teachers, neighbors met you, no one will see enough , he talked on.
That was promising you look sideways, vertically and promising to see you; you left to see is a talent, you are a pillar of the right look. ? When have not been paid after you sweat and hard work of harvest time for it, although parents only gently say: "the university entrance exam, but your only choice ah!" But you sound good but feel good heavy repression; the teacher will not what to say, just use a fixed expectant eyes fixed staring at you, always good stare hello ashamed guilt;? neighbors but also with what they pass you in the moment, with an order that he themselves can not exactly explain the look you looked, it looked, enough to make you originally sad bitterness of heart to tears! we are glad and happy with someone else, with someone else and worry. That being said, you and I really have become a playing card, a kneading any others, any others playing poker? Not have their own ideas, not their own desires, not their self-esteem.
So life could not escape the domination of others and so do not really choose to myself I said to myself:??!! We will not be a playing card poker, after all, not thinking, and we, there is a group of high-level thinking skills alive people, ah! I should have the different poker life! own history to write on their own, their youth on their own to create their own world on their own to make their fortune! cards instead of lose yourself in somewhere like !