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The opponents you need to avoid in the poker game

For a Hold'em player, accurately reading other players and adjust your strategy is always important, especially in No Limit games, the importance can be said to be vital.
In No Limit games,we divided our opponents into two categories,one is the opponent you must avoid,the another is find the big fish can grow your wealth.
But how to identify these two kinds of players?The opponent you need to avoid ,they can read cards accurately  than you,you start with ruthless than they lose to steal your card, you do not dare, and they win the license, then let you set into more chips.
In Limit game,if there are a few skilled players better than you, you can just play the good starting hands.In No Limit games, with the players better than you, your threat is fatal, we must try to avoid. Perhaps the chip tray scanning camera can help you.
If you want to play with these players, you can play the best hand, and try to throw away marginal hands. In position, if you can choose, be sure to sit behind them.