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The color is determined to attract the eye

Route of our country is to adhere shape will never change. Good like Canada, Brazil sportswear. Hope can fashion style points.



Some of which are useless, our country does not look good style but powerful ah, the last point of concern is not the flag of any country in the first place, but the color is determined to attract the eye, automatic condenser ah.
This biased you, this circle is not round nothing to do with the moon, ugly is ugly facts we can not?
The color of this talk about tailoring the design of all the athletes are put on a capital "does not fit"
Clothing emphasis is reflected in the uniqueness of the athletes have been able to build it better than the average person so they do not wear temperament can not criticize it? ?
Sports Bureau gang old man was really lazy, and that to a medium free design Olympic uniforms solicit draft line ah, then users vote for the most appropriate, estimated that even bother to engage in this activity, it has remained so ugly level is strong.
The urgly uniforms is just like a not good hand cards in the poker game, but if the players use the poker luminous sunglasses to check if others use the poker cheat cards in the poker game, or the players is really good at the poker game and has good poker skills, even get a not good cards as the urgly uniforms, he can still win the game.