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Texas Holdem Poker Cards Analyzer

In Texas Holdem playing poker cards game, a magic Texas Holdem poker analyzer is a great power to help you to predict the game outcome accurately.
Texas Holdem poker analyzer combined scanning camera and scanning system functions, usually works with edged barcode marked cards, mini Bluetooth earphone, it is very easy to manipulate. Once the cards into the scanning distance of the poker analyzer, the scanning camera lens inside it will read the marked cards edged barcode signal fastly and send the code information to the screen of poker analyzer, then you can know the Texas Holdem game result such as which hand will be the best winner, second winner, ranks of all the players as well as the flop in advance. Is it very helpful for you to control the game?
This magic Texas Holdem poker analyzer software can used in various kinds of Texas Holdem games, what is more, its appearance just as same as a normal cell phone, and you no need to worry it will cause others suspicion.