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Compound of the Texas Holdem point system and the Surveillance cameras marking cards system

 As a explained marked playing cards manufacturer, we would like to introduce the poker analyzer with monitor backstage.

If you are familar with the poker scanning system like the texas holdem point system, you should know even there are many types of the card scanner machine to coperate with the poker phone analyzer, and for the inner circle poker players may can receive the same singal from the transmitter. That is means you can use the spy earpiece to get the winner result from the others analyzer system.

But for the poker analyzer with monitor backstage, the transmiter has specail code, normal others cannot get the signal by other machine, it is a little like the surveillance cameras marking cards system, But this one can let you know the texas holdem winner result directly, and also can read the barcode deck from top to bottom, and show it the cards on the monitor directly. 
With this good quality poker cheat device, you will can become a hero magician on poker game.