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Special contact lens to read the marked playing cards

In modern meridians is always a mystery, a variety of scientific theories is difficult to explain it. The reason for this phenomenon is ancient inaccurate, not only China, and India. Meridians on the modern equivalent of relativity and quantum mechanics, the ancients found so wonderful things in the future, the results tell the future generations, and reasoning steps are omitted, they are disciples, he said: Silly boy, you know the result is not able to use the reasoning process such a rare thing, Dad, I get to you, you do not have control.

This is just like Einstein's theory of relativity taught conclusions. A generation or two behind, but also to understand, to go down, people will begin to wonder, time really can cross it? Later on, it is only by virtue of the faith to believe, and it became a religion from science. Meridian is such a thing.
Since his own experience, accidentally discovered the secret of the meridians, especially people become Renduermai secret martial arts master. When I write out the reasoning process after the ancient theory of relativity will come to life. Meridians will not be Western medicine does not recognize, but can become a science.
While the principles of the meridians like relativity, quantum mechanics, like wonderful, but it is unusual reality, down to earth, the same as the individual has a strict scientific basis in reality, is definitely not a mysterious way, that will not make people feel a little misty .
I don't know what he write is truth or just nonsense, if it is truth, i think people don't have to explore the medical care and develop the machine to cure disease. And the poker players don't have to find some medical contact lenses which to cure the color blind disease, and use the special contact lens to read the marked playing cards. But if it is not a nonsencse, it looks has its own philosophy.