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Do not be a lurkers in poker marked cards

Poker society is an ever-changing group, in order to keep up with the pace of society, the need for appropriate changes in order to better and social together.

Change the environment, it is better to change yourself. Society is all-inclusive, strange groups. Once formed, the surrounding environment is difficult to use their own power to change change. So we should try to change yourself.
An old man told his disciples that he has the ability to move mountains, just say "mountain, come," the mountains will come himself, so his face in front of the face in front of the disciples, said, "Mountain, come," but Mountainl did not move, this man did not seem awkward, he said: "now that the mountain will not come, then we move up to it."
The environment will not change because of one person, so you should strive to adapt.
Tolstoy said: "There are two kinds of people in the world, it is one of the actors, one is lurkers. Many people are thinking about changing the world, but never thought to change yourself. "Visible, change themselves, to better integration with the environment.
Better to change yourself to change others. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so will the presence of jealous and could not understand, but we can not let others change his weaknesses and strengths, so we have to change themselves so that they learn to appreciate and inclusive.