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Signal Enhancer of Marked Playing Cards Analyzer

When playing marked barcode marked deck cards, mini earpiece is a very small but important devices for players to receive the voice signal. However, the distance of normal earphone to receive the information usually within 80cm, it is very bad for players to get the marked poker cards game result sent out by marked deck poker analyzer timely and clearly. But now, we can set this problem perfectly.
The earpiece we provide can wear on users neck, so it is very easy to carry. It owns th powerful function which and solve the information distance problem. With this necklace earphone, you can receive the voice signal send out from poker analyzer distributors clearly even they are placed 2-3 meters far from the poker analyzer earpiece, and do not need to worry you will miss any marked barcode deck cards result anymore and enjoy your poker marked playing cards game to impress rivals. This kind of earpiece is very easy to recharge that users can enjoy it more times.
We also have other online poker cheating devices for sale, such as AKK poker analyzer, online Omaha scanning poker system, marked bicycle playing cards. if you are interested in any one of them or you can not find the products you want in our products content, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we will always be here for your service.