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You can randomly play games with poker remote control scanning camera

In some aspects, the tournament can be likened to an amusement park. When the game is just getting playing time, because your pockets still bulging, so you can play any card you attract. You can ride the Ferris wheel, pirate ship, shooting to win a gift or just go around, or consequently quit, just feeling  amusement park joy.
However, with a long time staying the amusement park, your pockets gradually deflated down, you can splurge less and less money. When the closing of the amusement park ready, you might have hastily decided to play something.
This same principle applies to the tournament. You want to make sure that they can use their senses of time and money, not free to bet on the card should not be playing, or early on the wrong action. However, there is a good tool can help you randomly playing the game, remote control scanning camera can scanning bar code marked cards and work well with poker analyzer, it can help you know the ranking of all players, so you will not lose money in the game.