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Remote Control Dice for Long Distance

Do you want to as a dice soothsayer? What the points you want, you get it easily. Just need some help of our quality remote control dice.
This magic remote control dice included a remote controller, some magic dices and a based board. These special dices are processed perfectly, and no one can discover its secret. Usually, the special dices need to play above the base board. When the dices are rolling, you can control the dices to roll as the face you want towards by the remote controller. As the remote control dice is a set dice device, so they are one to one style, any one of them cannot work with other dices.
Although there are some obstacles, the control distance of this special control dice can be large as 20M. So it is very practical to operated by yourself or cooperate with your partners.
We also have marked cards, luminous contact lenses, scanning camera, scanning system and dominos as well as so on for sale, if you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us.