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The first thing in poker gambling

Combat operation: Five Keys to reduce the Paternity Uncertainty (We call it pu).

How can women reduce their paternity uncertainty? In a relationship, how to make each other feels that you are in a very lower paternity uncertainty?


The woman's own pu, in fact, a complete set of language and behavior patterns, mainly includes the following five areas: weight management, emotional management, respect for the differences between the sexes, gender show charm, artistic language.

In society with abundant food, a heavy weight is a manifestation of lacking controlled performance ability (regardless of life or emotionally). And if a woman without self-control, it is difficult to give a sense of low paternity uncertainty.


It is like you can not control yourself in a poker gambling, you will not win a lot of money even if you are a marked cards poker player and you have the ultra luminous marked cards and glasses that can see through playing cards.