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Practical Scanning System for Omaha

When playing the Omaha, many players feel nervous as they hardly know what will happen in next second and very afraid would do the wrong decision. Here, our magic Omaha poker scanning system can help you to settle many problems in Omaha.
Omaha poker analyzer is a very sophisticated and practical device to help poker players to predict Omaha games results. A set of Omaha scanner system are include a CPU, barcode marked playing cards, poker scanning camera, mini Bluetooth earpiece. In Omaha marked decks games, the playing cards scanner will read the barcode on the sides of marked poker cards fastly and transmitting the signal to poker odds calculator in secret, and the poker winner predictor will decode and analyzer the information then report the 100% accurate games results to user via mini earpiece. All the process will be finished with 0.5s. It not only can forecast who will be the best winner, but also can predict the second winner even the ranks of all ranks of the poker players. It is very convenient to manipulate and all the program can operated individually.
This portable Omaha scanning system also can be used in Texas Holdem poker games. What is more, multi-language versions are available.