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How can I enter the screen for setting the program

Although scanning system exist long time a ago, but many people still have many question for that. Today I want list the question and answer for that.


How long does it take when change the poker games?


The time for changing the program from Hold’em to 4 cards Omaha is all depend on you. You need to enter some code to change the program.


How can I enter the screen for setting the program?

This analyzer works like a phone that you need a password to enter the screen for setting the program. It means others do not know what you are doing.


Can you tell me the winning probability?


The chip tray can scan the cards within 0.5s and the outcome is 100% correct.


This system will tell you who is the first winner or first and second or even the rank of all players. It will also have the function of telling you each cards from top to bottom and bottom to top. We are professional manufactures of the scanning system. And if you have any technical problem, you can contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.