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One to one spy earpiece for poker gambling

When you playing gambling games in casino with cheating devices like poker hidden camera and scanning camera cheating system, you may not convenient to see the cheating results that showing in your phone, in that time, one to one spy earpiece can help you a lots. 


This one to one spy earpiece for poker gambling, as you can guess from its name, it is corresponding with its own spy barcode marked playing cards camera and the analyzer system. They are a set of devices. You do not need to worry about others gambler who have a spy earpiece in the same room.

Once the poker scanning camera has scanned the barcode marked cards, it will sent the image to the analyzer system which normally is set in host machine. Then the one to one spy earpiece will tell you the analyzed result. To ensure you can hear the cheating result clearly, you must remember that the host machine cannot away from you more than 80cm.


If you are interested in this one to one spy earpiece, you are welcome to contact us. We will show you the pictures and the video about it.