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Better to use poker scanning system

Some people love blowing the mainland, said Chinese people how wealthy, I saw all anxious, most of the people in the region are living parts of the continent tight Baba day, I stayed in Shenzhen, Suzhou, spent, spent time in Shanghai, Hong Kong I also stayed, did not come up with the Taiwan version of the mainland with Taiwan than to say that good people so rich. Income: Take my salary in Shenzhen when the tax 6500RMB, my colleagues have about 20% more than my salary, about 6500-9500, and 80% of people probably 3500-6500, I believe that most of the production in Shenzhen so wages are probably kind of industry,


Rate: Rate near the company within five kilometers around 35,000 / square meter jump, good house probably 60000-80000, and 20 kilometers outside the company in Dongguan have more than 20,000, and even a set of 85 flat house Dongguan least 200W Huawei's nearby general staff of about 8500, can not afford such a house,

Price: Longhua in Shenzhen this place a lunch at 15-30 yuan, the car is very cheap 2 yuan can do more than stand, usually in the company cafeteria 6 yuan jump, of course, six yuan can only eat boiled dishes. Bus very cheap 2 yuan can do multi-station, subway station generally full $ 8. Taxi generally 2.5 yuan per kilometer.

An ordinary employees, based in Shenzhen, is difficult, my wife in January 4500, we add 11,000 live 25 flat house, rent 1000 / month, the monthly cost of living in 2000 (already saving can no longer saving) , left in 8000, a year before save 96,000 after a down payment and other deposit, TMD rates and do not know what price soared to a.


I dare say that most of the Chinese workers are my kind of level, you laugh at people on the street do not have luxury cars, no high-rise buildings in summer, those who live in high-rise open luxury car, after all, a few people, a country rich - where most of the affluence does not refer to the number of luxury cars, the number of skyscrapers.


In that case, Chinese need to buy a house, i think it is better to bring the poker scanning  system in the poker club with all the penny to exchange the chips, when you win engouh money, you can go and buy a house near your workplace.