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Do you want to be the Next Qui Nguyen poker champion?

Do you want to be the Next Qui Nguyen?
Some people says that he was a beast deserved the win. Do you agree with that?
Many poker players should envy of that, cause the truth is that Qui Nguyen won enough money for the rest of his life. He has plenty of the poker tricks on any poker playing cards, no matter the Texas holdem or Omaha game.
And some people may guess if the poker game is fair, and they will inquiry some marked cards pathfinder factory shouldto check the video of the poker game, and look over the playing cards carefully, and use some certain device to check if he may bring some poker analyzer device during the poker game, to help him win the Champion of the WSOP.
But some people regarded it is nosence, cuase before the poker game, the secure had checked the signal in the casino room, and make sure there is no extra poker cheating device or any marked poker cards in side the room. so there was no metioned poker scanning camera machineor the infrared contact lenses to read the luminous cards thing.
But as a poker player, you should not use the poker cheat device on the poker game, it is illegal, and you should know how the players cheating the poker game, and what the poker cheat machine they use, like the poker analyzer app or poker scanner phone, IR marked cards, only this way, you can avoid be cheated during the poker game.