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Texas holdem poker player should know the texas holdem tournament point system

A loser need some soup for the soul, a poker lucker need some special poker devices help.That is not the end of the story.
Just the beginning, it not means that you get some poker cheating device, or any marked cards pathfinder's help, you can get the entrance ticket to win, not mean you can win the texas holdem poker game imdidately without any poker tricks, or need practise to use the poker analyzer or infrared lens device.
Do not just ask how to play juice cards simplely, you need to do it after you get the answer, and 1 days or 2 days practise that is far enough to good.
The texas holdem tournament point system is mean to let you become the billionare, you have to serious with that. And full knowlege about the texas holdem odds calculator and playing cards cheating devices.and you have to let the marked playing cards for your eyes only, when your sight reach the cards, you should know what is the number be marked with the invisible ink.