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ROK relations just because of the deployment of a missile defense system being trapped in a serious crisis, it seems incredible, a closer look is not accidental.

From the Korean side, Park Geun-hye who undoubtedly ROK relations has invested enormous political capital, especially against the US pressure China to attend the parade last year's 9.3.
But the most valued in Korea DPRK nuclear issue, she seems to have come to rely on China to promote the loss of Korean denuclearization hope.
Although after the fourth nuclear test in China and the international community in the implementation of the unprecedented severe sanctions, but China is probably in her opinion too slow, and the hotline between the two sides mechanisms did not play the desired results, it seems to have eroded her China's trust.
Perhaps more importantly, the North Korean missile launch repeated after the fourth nuclear test, North Korea abandon its nuclear program may determine that prompted hopes increasingly slim.
So, how to maintain the possession of nuclear weapons in North Korea this reality its own security, rather than push North Korea abandon its nuclear program, as its priority task.
In this context, the deployment Sad became the overriding goal, even if China-ROK relations have whom to give way.
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Although I am not optimistic about the six-party talks, China is a perfunctory way, but it is unwise Korea cited Ru Sade, but a open a war, South Korea destroyed the country is in the affirmative, I do not think Thad can not defend the sovereignty of the DPRK missile defense against foreign sooner or later, gg, even Sino-US friendship in Korea have done this in the future economy can imagine, and will, if necessary, exchange of interests as a bargaining chip in Korea Park Geun-hye become a sinner.