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Poker infrared lenses can be a good gift for players

Iranians extremely particular about etiquette, very big concerns: In addition to meeting the Iranians greeting greetings also habitually compliment each other, the Iranians before talking about topics we have a lot of nonsense seems very strange, but Chinese people, however, want a ride down on straight into the subject, which the Iranians appeared to be very no self-restraint.

People go to Iran to visit a guest or customer, the best gift is getting ready, dessert, flowers or gifts with Chinese characteristics is the most popular, and such as alcohol, tobacco and poker infrared lens, which chinese people like to send a gift, is not suitable for feeding in public, and Iranians gifts generally do not send smoke;

The Iranians are not accustomed to openly point out the faults of others, not used directly rejected, even if you have a problem, it is best expressed privately euphemism,
Public criticism, will be considered a very angry face no matter; the Iranians always kind and sensitive, if people treat it, he will also phase ceremony, on the contrary, if you do business have begun to seem aloof arrogance, they will easily perceived.