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Poker Game Table for Exchanging Playing Cards

It is impossible to know what cards you will keep in any poker game, and sometime the pokers you hold is far from perfect and even bad for you, in that time, how about to exchange a good one secretly? We, Golden Sunshine Entertainment Products Co., Ltd can provide two kinds of poker game tables for you to exchange the beneficial cards in safety and secret.
One of them can operate with your partner. If you are playing the cards in the same poker game with your partner, and you two keep the beneficial to another but bad for yourself, you can exchange them with this playing cards table and you two can get the cards you want respectively. Another one is can complete by one person, we will insert a mini flat machine in the poker table, you can hide the cards you want in this secret machine before the poker cards game, when you keep the bad cards in the game, you can exchange the one you want secretly and fastly. Are they very interesting?
There are also other playing poker cheating devices provided by our comp0any, just as luminous marked playing cards, ultra marked cards contact lenses, ultimate luminous infrared sunglasses, video poker analyzer app as well as poker cheating card reader. If you are interested in them asn want to know more information, we will always be here for your service.