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Who makes the best quality poker analyzer software

As there are many choice for the poker analyzer like the blackberry, iPhone, Samsung... How you can choose the best quality poker cheating device?

Every poker cheat supplier will say their have good quality poker cheating cards? If there is any way to recongize different quality for each item?

For the barcode deck, it is very simple, it can scaned by the poker scanner in fast way, in any direction, you can sure that this is good quality, and also you need to check how is the packing of the marked deck, if the packing is well as original new, and the playing cards never be used before, that can be called good quality marked cards. In another word, if the cards is with dirty dot on the surface of the playing cards, and the the poker scanning camera cannot read the barcode, that means it is not good quality.

For the earpiece, if the earpiece cannot receive the singal from the texas holdem poker analyzer, that is means the spy earpiece is not so good.

For the poker scanning camera to read the barcode, if it cannnot read the barcode if the marked playing cards is put in the accurate correct position, that means the scanner is not so good.

For the poker analyzer, you should choose the one which is more smart, better one device conbine with the poker scanner and poker analzyer function. And you can also use for the omaha and texas holdem poker game.

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